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Selling Tips

Selling Tips

Following are a few tips from us… a check list if you will, that may help you in the preparation of your home for presentation to the market.


> Keep lawns cut, clip hedges, and prune back any overhanging branches
> Garden beds and potted plants should be weeded and kept tidy
> Ensure leaves are raked or swept
> Check your front fence area for rubbish
> Keep letterbox cleared and properly numbered / identified
> See if your driveway needs attention. . . weeding, steam or pressure cleaning, fresh gravel, repainting or resurfacing
> Ensure all windows are clean and that the exterior is free of cobwebs
> Oil stains in carports, driveways or garages should be cleaned
> Keep garages, tool and storage areas tidy
> Dress up outdoor areas with furniture or pot plants
> Make sure the swimming pool is looking perfect
> Oil gates and doors that may be squeaky, difficult or rusty
> Keep clothes line empty and fold away if possible
> Check the condition of external walls, awnings, woodwork and gutters. Clean or paint where necessary
> Make sure your doorbell or intercom is working


> Check walls for dirty or greasy marks (clean carefully so as not to damage paint work) and touch up skirting boards, architraves, windowsills, fireplaces and doors if needed
> If repainting a certain room or wall, ensure it will blend in with other walls / rooms (or you may have to paint throughout)
> Choose popular colours. They may not be your choice, but the more neutral, the better for selling


> All doors and locks are working perfectly
> Wallpaper for peeling or mould
> Water stains around plug holes and dripping taps are fixed
> Kitchen, bathroom and laundry tiles and grouting are presentable
> Valuable china, books, silver, collectables and other items of monetary or sentimental value are locked away
> Exhaust fans, filters and fly screens are clean
> If traffic or trains pass by, or your property is located near a school, tell your agent so you can plan your inspection times to avoid highlighting them
> All lights are working. Replace bulbs if necessary – the brighter the better
> All blinds and curtains are in working order.
> Furniture is positioned to make rooms look spacious and don’t hinder passage (if moving anything, check for marks).
> Ceilings and cornices are spotless.
> Rooms smell fresh (no lingering pet, smokers, cooking or other odours).
> In winter, rooms are warm and welcoming (make sure your heating system works, chimney is clean etc).
> In summer, check air conditioning or ceiling fans are working.


> Get rid of Kitty Litter trays and dog bowls.
> Take pets away with you when you leave the house during inspections.
> Polish taps, display a large bowl of fruit and clean all chrome appliances to a good shine (a shiny item adds sparkle, an impression of quality and freshness to a room).
> It goes without saying. . . don’t leave dishes in the sink or even on the draining board (empty dishwashers and make sure they don’t have stale water inside).
> Don’t cook curry, onions or fish the previous night if possible (spray room with freshener).
> Unless you have a budding Michelangelo in the house, take the kindergarten paintings off the fridge door, as they won’t help sell the house no matter how cute


> Place all cosmetics, razors and toiletries into a drawer
> Hang towels neatly (put dry ones in place)
> Ensure shower screen, bath and vanity are spotless (including drains)
> A bowl of potpourri or a plug-in air freshener will add freshness
> Check all surfaces for mould
> Ensure floor isn’t wet

Family Living Area

> Clear away the day-to-day mess of living, especially toys and old newspapers, but try to retain a ‘lived-in’ feel.
> Turn off the TV, but tune the stereo to an easy listening station on low volume


> Beds must be made
> Clothes put away (including that long forgotten footy sock under the bed)
> A small bowl of flowers in the master bedroom adds a personal touch
> Dressing tables and desks must be as tidy as possible (put in a safe place all valuables such as jewellery, watches expensive perfume)


> Keep this area as uncluttered as possible. There will be many more people in the house than usual


> Sometimes money has to be spent to make money. . . don’t begrudge steam-cleaning your carpets if necessary.
> Leave door mats at all entrances to encourage people to wipe their feet and therefore protect your carpet.

Decorative Hints

> Put healthy green plants and fresh flowers around the home
> Leave all connecting doors wide open to give a feeling of space
> If children’s rooms are full of slogans and signs that may be considered controversial or offensive, it may be best to put them away during the campaign so potential buyers are not put off (you want them to buy, not share opinions and tastes)
> Remove ashtrays. Non-smokers are less likely to buy a smokers house
> Toss a few of the latest interior design/home maker magazines on the coffee table (it gives the impression owners care about their property)
> Show your home in its best light . . . a house with an eastern aspect may be bathed in light in the morning and shrouded in darkness in the afternoon, so be aware of curtains, blinds and the mood a table lamp or overhead can make.


> Few prospective buyers can relax with the owners standing by or looking expectantly hopeful, so its best to leave during inspection times
> Do the best you can to make your home as attractive as possible with the time, energy and money you have at your disposal
> Then walk out the door with the knowledge you’ve done everything you can


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