Double Bay

End Of Year Closure Details

From all of us at Richardson&Wrench Double Bay, we wish you a safe and happy Festive Season and look forward to working with you in the New Year.

Office Closure Dates

22nd December 2023

Office Re-Opens

4th January 2024

Staff Contact details

SALES | Robynne Arnouts | 0419 778 840 |

PROPERTY MANAGEMENT | Jonathan Carr | 0425 221 514 |

Tradespeople Emergency Contact Details


Proximity Plumbing | William | 0401 016 150 | | 


Glenco Electrical | Brad | (02) 9700 9996 | |


Mr Flood | Damon Dupriez | 0450 631 442 |

Scope Security | Tom Russo | 0416 239 463 | |

Detector Inspector (Smoke Alarms) | 1300 134 563 | |

Express Glass | 1300 666 234 | | ​​​​

SES | 13 25 00 


Guidelines that Constitute an Emergency

Please note that urgent repairs have a specific meaning under the Residential Tenancies Act which is best described by Fair Trading’s advice on the matter: The law distinguishes between urgent (emergency) repairs and those which are not so urgent. Urgent repairs are: a burst water service or a serious water service leak, a blocked or broken toilet (no toilet facility if there is a 2nd functional toilet the matter is not considered urgent) , a serious roof leak, a gas leak, a dangerous electrical fault, flooding or serious flood damage, serious storm or fire damage, a failure or breakdown of the gas, electricity or water supply to the premises, a failure or breakdown of the hot water service, a failure or breakdown of the stove or oven, a failure or breakdown of a heater or air-conditioner, a fault or damage which makes the premises unsafe or insecure. If urgent repairs are needed you should notify the landlord or agent right away. The landlord or agent must arrange for the repairs to be done as soon as possible. If you cannot reach them, check your tenancy agreement for the details of a nominated tradesperson to contact. If urgent repairs are not done within a reasonable time you may be able to arrange for the work to be done and be reimbursed by the landlord (but only up to $1000). However, you must be able to show that: the need for the urgent repair was not your fault, you contacted the landlord or agent about the problem or made a reasonable attempt to do so, you gave the landlord or agent a reasonable opportunity to get the repairs done, the repairs were carried out by a licensed tradesperson (if appropriate). Please note that should the matter not be considered an urgent repair or the above has not been complied with the landlord may reject your request for a refund. Where possible please utilise the above authorised contractors only, should they not be available (reasonable attendance delays are expected) and you use a 3rd party supplier as a last resort, kindly ensure that any works carried out are limited to rendering the property safe and secure.

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